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Coffee And Health

Independent research by scientists worldwide continues linking coffee to a host of significant (and surprising) potential benefits.

Studies suggest that regular coffee consumption may have a protective effect on the liver, overall longevity, and more. 

In many cases, more research is required to determine the exact source of coffee's suggested benefits. These protective properties may be linked to coffee's complex botanical profile - which includes at least 300 natural compounds in the bean, and about 1,000 created in the roasting process. Scientists suggest synergistic consumption of  caffeine is also an important physiological factor, meaning that the caffeine in coffee works with the other compounds in the beverage (including essential nutrients and antioxidants) to enhance the overall health effects.

As more positive evidence emerges, previous misconceptions about coffee are shifting in serious ways.

Please note that the list above is not an exhaustive review of coffee's potential benefits - nor should it be taken as medical advice.
We'll continue to update this information to reflect the latest research.